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Stealth Pro X

The Quietcool Stealth Pro X Series consists of several models producing airflow ranging from 1,500 CFM up to 7,000 CFM. The Stealth Pro X has a brush-free ultra-energy efficient Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) which is the world’s most efficient motor. This powerfully quiet WHF lives up to its name as it is also the quietest fan on the market.


Trident Vs. Stealth

The Trident Pro and Stealth Pro are very similar. The main difference lies in motor technology. The Trident model uses a PSC motor, which offers standard energy efficiency, while the Stealth model uses an ECM motor which is extremely energy efficient. Quick breakdown, the Stealth is 40%-60% more efficient, the Stealth has a three-speed motor vs the Trident Pro two speed motor. The Stealth is also quieter on the lower speeds.

Trident Pro X

The QuietCool Trident Pro X Series consists of several models producing airflow ranging from 1,500 CFM up to 7,000 CFM. The Trident Pro and Stealth Pro are very similar with models that range from 1,500 FM to 7,000 CFM although the main difference lies in motor technology. The Trident Pro models use a Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor, which offers standard energy efficiency.


More Fans To choose From

Change script from latin to: Attic fans not only work to keep your attic cooler but they also keep your home safe from humidity and heat damage!

Smart Attic Gable Fans

QuietCool’s Smart Attic Gable Fans are designed to exhaust hot air from the attic keeping your entire attic cooler for your home.

Solar Attic Gable Fans

Utilizing the power of the sun the QuietCool Solar Attic Gable Fans remove the heat from your attic helping you save up to 30% on your energy costs.

Smart Roof Mount Attic Fan

When a gable is not available QuietCool’s roof mounted attic fans produce powerful results in an efficient package using smart technology.

Roof Mount Whole House Fan

QuietCool is leading the way to better ventilation with innovative technology like the 4.0 Roof Mounted Attic Fan. No Attic? No Problem!

QC Smart & Wireless Controls

The sleek design of the RF Remote Control Kit allows for the control to function just like a hard-wired wall switch, however, it also has the dual function of being used as a remote when you slide it up and off of its wall plate to carry with you into any other part of the home. Either way, it will always have a “home” in your desired location. The RF kit is purchased separately and there is no labor charge to install it as it is simply attached to the wall wherever you desire it to be.

The QuietCool Smart Control App allows you to set presets, see attic temperatures and humidity levels and control your attic fan from any smart device in your home.

Efficient Dual Ventilation

Whole House Fans and Attic Fans are the dynamic duo of cooling. These two systems work together to keep your whole house cooler. Operating your WHF in the cool mornings and evenings cools the entire thermal mass of your home. During the day the attic fans work hard continuing to exhaust the hot air out of your attic helping to alleviate the burden of heat on your home. Together or separate these ventilation appliances are the most energy efficient cooling systems you can invest in with the highest return on investment

Sizing The Right System For Your Home

We use a general formula of either 2, 2.5, or 3 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) per square foot of living space. 2 CFM would provide a good system, 2.5 CFM would provide a better system, and 3 CFM would provide the best system. Whether installing a central or zoned system for your home there are other considerations such as attic clearance & ventilation which can be determined during our free estimate. To calculate how much CFM you may need in your home, simply use the CFM Calculator.


Browse the list of available documents to get technical details for various models.


QuietCool Stealth Pro Line


QuietCool Original Classic Line


QuietCool Stealth Pro Line


QuietCool Stealth Pro Line


QuietCool Stealth Pro Line


QuietCool Stealth Pro Line


QuietCool Stealth Pro Line


QuietCool Advanced Smart Attic Gable Fan


QuietCool Advanced Roof Mount Fan

Zap Pathway Vent

This innovative pathway allows any room to get the cooling and comfortability of your QuietCool WHF while keeping doors closed. Installed above any bedroom door and fitted with baffle technology that reduces sound and ensures privacy; they work as a simple conduit for the air to travel through as your QuietCool Whole House Fan still pulls air out of your open window it simply passes through the ZAP before ascending into the attic!

Save Up To 90% On Energy Costs

Homeowners are cutting costs dramatically each year by switching to a WHF instead of AC dependency.  Imagine what you could do with all that savings!